Quick tip create wonderful pixelated text in minutes

I will show you how to create wonderful pixelated text. In this gimp tutorial we will use pixelize blur to cretae  pixelated text. You will not need time so much to create it, just in minutes. Please see how i do it. If you like typography, you'll love this.

Software : GIMP 2.6.8
Font : Sans Bold Italic


7 awesome light effect in design tutorials

Some awesome light effect on design tutorials that i found. In this tutorial you will find a very good technique using gimp software design. So you will get inspiration to create more creative yourself design. You can use the light effect to decorate typography that you created or you can use to manipulate your photos, etc. Ihope you can enjoy it.


Free download the wallpaper of typography themed chocolate

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Download gimp file

In this post, i create wallpaper of typography themed chocolate, and you are free download it. So delicious when working with a cup of hot chocolate. Would be very nice if I could describe my pleasure in a work of design using the gimp. So I Create the wallpaper of typography themed chocolate


Create simple poster to campaign the free software

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  • Software : GIMP 2.6.8
  • Font        : Bitstream Charter Bold Italic
  • Image      : Slippers, Photoshop logo, Gimp logo

Download gimp file

In this tutorial, i create simple poster to campaign the free software. Life is really harmony, all created in pairs, male and female, good and bad, right and left, etc. The eastern culture is always the right side first from the left side, which they think is goodness. Back to in this tutorial.

In this, i campaign GIMP vs Photoshop. GIMP is a free design software in the Linux operating system, while Photoshop is a design software produced by Adobe.


Tutorial create colorful typography with gimp

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  • Software : GIMP 2.6.8
  • Font : Sans Bold
Download gimp file

I found tutorial create colorful typography with photoshop from so i try to create in gimp free software design. Imagine if this world there is only black and white, it would be boring. Colors will be more beautiful if we are able to harmonize within a work. In this tutorial i want to match colors to create colorful typography. I use color reference from colorlovers. I think this tutorial, can be a reference in logo making of a design company or plural comunity logo.