Quick tip create wonderful pixelated text in minutes

I will show you how to create wonderful pixelated text. In this gimp tutorial we will use pixelize blur to cretae  pixelated text. You will not need time so much to create it, just in minutes. Please see how i do it. If you like typography, you'll love this.

Software : GIMP 2.6.8
Font : Sans Bold Italic

Step 1

Creat new image, file > new. Image size width: 1920 px height: 1200 px. Fill with black colour (#000000). Then, create new layer, and fill with gradient color. In this tutorial, i use setting gradient color, I pull gradient from the left edge until along the red line, so the result as below:

So we have two layer, and the result of the gradient color as below:

Step 2

Write a word that is you like, but i take a word "pixeL" in this tutorial. Font size 310 px and i use font color #535353.

Step 3

In this step we will fill font with gradient color.The gradient color which was created before use to fill font color. To fill it, create Alpha to Selection on pixeL layer. You can do it by right click on the pixeL layer, and choose Alpha to Selection. So we have the result as below:

Ok we have half of this step. Then, go to gradient layer and invert selection by select > invert (ctrl+I). Press delete after we are invert selection.

Step 4

Before we continue this tutorial, hide the pixeL text layer by click the layer item visibility. in this step we use pixelize blur to create pixelated text. Still in same layer in step 3, then go to filtr > blur > pixelize set pixel width and pixel height with same value, in this i fill value 17. Ok we have finished it and the result as below:

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