7 awesome light effect in design tutorials

Some awesome light effect on design tutorials that i found. In this tutorial you will find a very good technique using gimp software design. So you will get inspiration to create more creative yourself design. You can use the light effect to decorate typography that you created or you can use to manipulate your photos, etc. Ihope you can enjoy it.

1. Glow Effect

This tutorial use different overlay layers mixed with radial gradient tool to achieve and awesome light effect.

2. Fancy Glow Effects in Gimp

This tutorial, we’ll have a look at how to create some fancy glowing lines and how to make it so that the end of the line will fade nicely. We’ll also have a look at adding glow to objects that are not created from a path.

3. Contaminated Effect

This tutorial, we will use various overlay techniques, the pen tool and how to use stock images to add texture to the design.

4. Beautiful Planet Effect in Gimp Tutorial

This Gimp tutorial inspired by a photoshop tutorial called Really Cool Eclipse Effect in Photoshop at Abduzeedo site. We'll use some techniques from that tutorial and some other technique to create cool effect.

5. MSNBC Style Effect

This GIMP tutorial will teach you how to create an effect similar to the one used at

6. Abstract Wave Effect

This tutorial is converted from a tutorial for Lipstick on the Gimper forum.

This Gimp tutorial you’ll learn how to create Aurora Borealis effect using GIMP. This Gimp tutorial reference from Leopard’s wallpaper Abduzeedo. For who loved the space feeling of the new wallpaper with that sort of aurora borealis effect, definetly will love this tutorial.

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