Tutorial create colorful typography with gimp

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  • Software : GIMP 2.6.8
  • Font : Sans Bold
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I found tutorial create colorful typography with photoshop from so i try to create in gimp free software design. Imagine if this world there is only black and white, it would be boring. Colors will be more beautiful if we are able to harmonize within a work. In this tutorial i want to match colors to create colorful typography. I use color reference from colorlovers. I think this tutorial, can be a reference in logo making of a design company or plural comunity logo.

Step 1

Creat new image, file > new. Image size width : 1500 px height : 1000 px. Fill with white colour (#ffffff).

Step 2

Write 'gogimp' each font in different layer. Font size 300 px.In this I use Sans Bold. Fill font with different colour, in this i use
g #7e9c84
o #c6b07f
g #dfc4a7
i #c6734b
m #b65e54
p #c6b07f

Arrange the font position so the position like this.

Step 3

Change the layer mode on each font to be multiply, so become like this

Step 4

Save image and you have been finished.
Good luck.

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