Create simple poster to campaign the free software

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  • Software : GIMP 2.6.8
  • Font        : Bitstream Charter Bold Italic
  • Image      : Slippers, Photoshop logo, Gimp logo

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In this tutorial, i create simple poster to campaign the free software. Life is really harmony, all created in pairs, male and female, good and bad, right and left, etc. The eastern culture is always the right side first from the left side, which they think is goodness. Back to in this tutorial.

In this, i campaign GIMP vs Photoshop. GIMP is a free design software in the Linux operating system, while Photoshop is a design software produced by Adobe.

Step 1

Open the slippers image file. Before edit it, we save as in another workspace with the different name in this 'Create poster tuts.xcf'.

Step 2

Select the Photoshop logo and Gimp logo.

Copy each logo in 'Create poster tuts.xcf' workspace,  each logo in different layer.Adjust the position of each logo to match with the slippers picture.

Step 3

Change the layer mode of photoshop logo become color mode.

Change the layer mode of gimp logo become multiply mode and layer opacity value 49.8.

Step 4

Create the square with the rectangle select tool. Fill the square with #ffed24.

Write 'Right person uses the right side first!!' with fill color #5e5e5e.

Step 5

We have finished, save the workspace and save file on jpg format.

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